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Governance & Corporate Street

Project management & Planning

Funds Avenue S.A. offers an experienced in-house team that is supported your projects from initial setup to live operations. We tailor, design and implement strategies and changes depending on your needs

Domiciliation Services

Our domiciliation services include:

  • Provision of a registered address;
  • Safe keeping of all books and records at the registered address;
  • Assistance in convening, organising and holding the annual general meeting of the shareholders approving the annual accounts;
  • Assistance in convening, organising and holding the extraordinary general meetings, as well as the related meetings of the board of directors/managers;
  • Collate proxy forms and ensure sufficient votes have been received to hold meetings
  • Filing and publication of annual accounts;
  • Maintenance of the shareholder register;
  • Mail handling.

Corporate Secretarial Services

We provide company secretarial services tailored to your needs.

Our company secretaries have the qualifications and experience to assist with the convening, organizing and holding of board meetings.

Our corporate secretarial services include:

  • Working with the board members to set the time and agenda for the meeting;
  • Preparation of the agenda and coordination of the approval of the agenda;
  • Collaboration with all parties to pull together and consolidate board materials;
  • Attendance of an experienced company secretary at the meetings to take the minutes;
  • Drawing-up of the minutes of the meetings and following up to signature;
  • Recording the action points and distribution of the action items log;
  • Maintaining and following up on the items in the action items log;
  • Drafting of board resolutions.

Provision of Board Directors / Managers

Funds Avenue S.A. provides Board Directors or Managers who have a minimum of 15 years’ experience in the fund industry, covering administration, operations, portfolio management and risk

AML/CFT Compliance Officer (RC Services)

To oversee compliance with Luxembourg’s Anti Money Laundering (AML) and Countering the Financing of Terrorism (CFT) requirements, Luxembourg funds are legally required to appoint both a “Responsable du respect des obligations” (RR) and a “Responsable du contrôle du respect des obligations” (RC).

The RR function is either performed by the Board of Directors collectively or by one member of the Board of Directors.

The RC is mandated in person and must be carried out by an individual who has sufficient knowledge of the Luxembourg AML/CFT requirements and the investment and distribution strategies of the fund.

Funds Avenue S.A. has qualified professionals who provide the following RC services:

  • Review of the fund’s AML policy;
  • An annual risk assessment which includes key performance indicators regarding high-risk investors, politically exposed persons, investment and distribution risks, suspicious activities reports, blocked accounts, etc.
  • Report suspicious transactions or activities to the RR, and if required, file a report with the Financial Intelligence Unit;
  • Be the primary contact person for the Luxembourg AML/CFT competent authorities;
  • Review reporting and KPIs received from the central administrator and perform due diligence on the administrator using a risk-based approach;
  • Regular reporting to Fund Boards;
  • Annual AML/CTF training to Board Directors

Regulatory and compliance advisory services

Support services and assistance to AML / CFT matters

Risk Management Services

Portfolio Agency Services