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What makes us unique

Funds Avenue’s Value Proposition

  • Financially profitable
  • Solid foundation upon which our clients can build their own success stories.
Human Scale
  • Focus on teamwork and workforce diversity; our employees are our best asset.
  • All our employees operate out of Luxembourg.
Enhanced Client Experience
  • Committed to service excellence & delivering value to our clients.
  • High client retention.
  • We do not claim to be the largest “fund services factory” in Luxembourg, but the closest to our clients.
  • We strive to go the extra mile and have more impact, to help our clients becoming even more successful.
  • Entrepreneurial company that operates with an open architecture approach.
  • Speed to market, operational robustness & flexibility.
  • Quick decision-making process.
  • We offer tailor-made services to our clients and adapt our services to our client needs.